Word Magic

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Something I’ve discovered since returning to university to study writing, is how much more closely I analyse words.

I’m not talking about university assignments, but the simple things that surround us every day. The words that float by us on our television screens, are hummed from our lips as we listen to the radio, or the vicious cycle of lyrics that sometimes haunt our thoughts turning a much loved song into nothing more than an annoyance we’re unable to escape from as the tune plays over and over in our heads all day.

Words. They are beautiful. Even the ones that are annoyingly stuck in our heads. (Perhaps the wiggles are an exception to this, when surrounded by the music of my niece’s iPods, I can’t say I find the wiggles beautiful!).

It has been with great joy that I’ve begun to read again, after years of pushing my love of the written word away, I’m once again enjoying the texture of pages turning beneath my fingers as I escape into a world that includes only me and the characters the author has brought to life. Of course, with amazing new technologies, I am also reading on my iPhone and Kindle too, which offers lots of benefits because I’ve always got a book with me, no matter where I may be, so this allows me to use every spare moment to read, read, read.

However, beyond just reading, I’ve discovered a true love of song lyrics. One of Australia’s greatest musicians and song writers, Paul Kelly has captured my heart with his delicate, yet brave writing. How frustrating for me, that with the exception of a couple of songs, I’d rarely listened to Paul, and I now realise what I’ve been missing out on all these years.

So, while I have grown accustomed to his genius, not only have I been enjoying the music, but taking much interest in the way he constructs amazing song lyrics from the most simple observations of life. A true, true gift.

I find myself waking in the morning with Paul Kelly songs already playing in my head, and although they stay with me for most of the day, I’m yet to find one annoying, and I find them great accompaniment during my busy days as a mum, wife and student.

I’ll be back more to talk about Paul and his lyrics I’m sure, but if you’re like me and have somehow missed out on hearing his catalogue all these years, then do yourself a favour and give it a listen.